Friday, 16 March 2012


Hey there fellas. Thousand of apologizes for the late update. I was away for 2 months form blogging due to the "bzness' and torn of works at my new school. Now I'm on my one week holiday. And yes the holiday is going to its end. Just a few more days left at home. Okay so for today I managed to make "Sangkaya Pumpkin". This dessert is so popular in Thailand. It is also called "Fak Thong Sang Ka Ya" which means Pumpkin Custard. So here's some of the pictures that I managed to snap and also the recipe. Enjoy!

1 small pumpkin
3 eggs
2 cups of coconut milk
4 spoons of sugar
1 spoon of custard flour

1- Beat the eggs, coconut milk, sugar and custard flour together until it is foamy.
2- Cut the top of the pumpkin, take out all the seeds and clean.
3- Pour the mixture into it and steam for about 20-30mins until its soft.
4- Leave it cool and ready to eat!

The taste was really good. For me it is a good combination between pumpkin and custard. Okay peeps, that's all for today and I'll see u guys in the next post. I promise to keep this blog up-to-date. Bye2 and have a nice Friday.

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