Monday, 28 May 2012


Heyya everybody. It's me Teacher Koko. I'm so sorry for the late update. I've been pouring with lots of works at my school. Being busy with activities here and there, examination, marking papers and finally now I can breathe because it's school holidays everyone! I'm off from all the 'bzness' for 2 weeks. Okay back to the topic, yesterday I managed to make Black Pepper Chicken Chop with my mak. So here I just wanna share the methods on how to do it and some of the pictures that I managed to capture during preparation. Enjoy!

Chicken - Marinated with pepper, salt and sesame oil.
Coleslaw - Chopped white cabbage+carrot, black pepper, salt, sugar, lemon juice, mayonnaise.
Black Pepper Sauce - Life's Black Pepper Sauce, xtra black paper, corn starch.

The taste was absolutely yummeh bebeh! Okay that's all for now. I'll promise to keep update with more recipes during this school break. Okay guys I'll see you in the next post! Bye!


Cik Yanie (",) said...

yummy,buleh gemuk kalau duk ngn koko nih...makan dan makan...hik

Teacher Koko said...

Cik Yanie (",):

marilah teacher yani duduk dgn teacher koko, i masak ari2...keke