Saturday, 27 August 2011


Heyya peeps. Just finished baking and making Honey Cornflakes with my lovely mommy. Simple steps and simple ingredients needed. Just take a few minutes to finish up everything. These are some of the photos during preparation:

Yeayy and the result was SUCCESS. A big thanx to my mommy for her endless help. Without her there will be no Kuih Raya la. So guys, how's your Raya preparation? See ya in the next post. Bye and Assalamualaikum.


Just finished baking Arab biscuit aka biskut sapi. The very very simple biscuit using 4 ingredients such as Flour, Custor sugar, Ghee butter and chocolate chips. (some people use raisin or leave it plain)

Very very simple. Sekejap jek aku buat. So yah that's it for now and i'll see you guys in the next post. Good day and Assalamualaikum.

Friday, 26 August 2011


Result : SUCCESS!!!


Heyya peeps. Another 3-4 days to celebrate Eid Fitri so I was very excited yesterday to make my very own Almond London cookies. Tehee takes me 2days to make it. Day 1 to make the batter and biscuits and day 2 to coat the biscuits with chocolate. So these are some of the pictures that I took during the preparation:

Tehee there were some balance of the batter from the Almond London and I decided not to waste it and use it to make my very own cookies which i named it as colorful stars. I used the batter and star design and stamped it on the batter and applied egg yolk on it and put the icing flakes with the heart shape.

Fried kuih such as Lidah kucing, kuih gunting, kuih ros and buah rotan da siap goreng da. Today I'm gonna make Pineapple tart and the next day maybe Honey Cornflakes and Batik Cake. Okay guys, di kesempatan ini aku nak ucapkan Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin. Bye ^_^

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Don't waste your old school shoes. Oh please, please. Clean it! reuse it! How? Well you can draw and design something on it. Just like what I've designed for my old school shoes. Well it turn out to be soo cool and awesome. I used dye, water color, marker pen and color pencil. These are some of the design by me:

Cool aight? Yeahh you guys can do it too. Well you can start it by using pencil or pen to draw and draft the design on the shoes and then you can started playing with the colors. Good Luck Guys and remember. REUSE!!!