Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Don't waste your old school shoes. Oh please, please. Clean it! reuse it! How? Well you can draw and design something on it. Just like what I've designed for my old school shoes. Well it turn out to be soo cool and awesome. I used dye, water color, marker pen and color pencil. These are some of the design by me:

Cool aight? Yeahh you guys can do it too. Well you can start it by using pencil or pen to draw and draft the design on the shoes and then you can started playing with the colors. Good Luck Guys and remember. REUSE!!!


she is.. said...

koko!!gune buncho??xtanggal ke ti kena air??awat xguna acrylic paint??

Teacher Koko said...

she is..

sham, ni draft jek, thts why xgune acrylic paint atau dye lagi...kasot ni da rendam smule da utk design lain..hehe