Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Hi and Assalamualaikum everyone. FYI, now I'm already at my hometown enjoying my school holidays. Yeay I'm so excited as I also finished key-in my PBS mark. However, on the 26th until 30th of November, I have to attend a one week course at PLGDP..Sigh~~Okay back to the topic, today I managed to make Durian Crepe aka Pancake Durian. This is actually mt first time of having Durian Crepe. Actually it was a request from my brother who asked me to do it. Okay here some of the pictures that I managed to captured during preparation. Enjoy~

In my opinion, the combination of durian and cream are kinda weird. I personally don't really like this Durian crepe for the first time, but after having it for the second time, okay I'm in love with it. Tehee okay that's all for now and I'll see you guys in the next post. Bye and have a nice Deepavali to all Indian in Malaysia.

50g Flour 
1tsp Tapioca flour
1 Egg
2tsp Sugar 
2tsp Melted butter 
40ml Fresh milk/evaporated milk
160ml Water
1tsp Vanilla essence

Durian pulp
Whipping Cream



crepe dh jd fenomena dh,,n satu gigitan msti nk lagi n lagi,haha baru try tdi,,memg maveles

saye pling suke cmpedak crepe=)

Teacher Koko said...


sedap jugak not bad..especially kalau dah sejuk masuk freeze..krim dh keras2 skeit sedap..hehehe..ohh cempedak crepe sedap ke?

yu ya said...

new follower :) unknown suggest your blog ttg durian crepes. i made some too, tapi inti dia x berapa jadi lar. jadi lembek sgt. nggee~

nice blog too, btw.