Friday, 7 October 2011


Heyya peeps and Assalamualaikum wbt. FYI, I never join any online contest before this, but I’m so thrilled and  interested with the contest by QOMA’s Boutique that she announced in the Facebook. I hope luck will be besides me because any two interesting post will get a give away from Qoma which is something that I wanted all this time! Wanna noe what it is? Drum roll please~~~~A beauuuuutiful Maxi Dress by Qoma. Ohh seriously feels like fainted. (*O*)

Introducing you, QOMA's Boutique which located in Raub, Pahang

Say hi to the QOMA's Boutique owner ^_^

Well for those who didn’t know about this boutique, let me tell u something about it.  The boutique's name taken from the nick name of the owner itself, Nurul Kamariah Rosli aka Qoma, 22 years old young lady from Raub. Hey just like me! Kelas kan Raub people?. You can log on to Facebook and take a look at her page called QOMA's Boutique and click the like button and ready to shop!

QOMA’s Boutique offers variety of fashion from head to toe. You can buy scarfs, shawls, dresses, cardigans, bags, tops, accessories and much more. Everything’s come under one roof. Awesome right?. All items are absolutely up to date and affordable. Here some of the items that you can find in this boutique:

For ladies and fashionistas out there who love to wear fancy shawls and hijab, you can find variety of shawls and hijab here in QOMA's Boutique such as 3layer pashmina, Alexia Shawl, Instant Denim Polca, Aily Suhana Shawl, Lyana,s Shawl Button, Qaseh Syria and many many more. Just name it and you'll simply can get it here!

For those who love Tops very much, QOMA's Boutique presents various of cute and gorgeous tops for ladies out there. Variety of patterns and colors that will capture your attention and plus the material is very comfortable!

Good news for those who have problem in finding big size dresses! QOMA's Boutique also offers Plus Size dresses to their customers. No need to feel worry and sad anymore because you can have and wear dresses that you wanted!. See, QOMA's Boutique really concerned and care about their customers!

Ladies out there who love to wear Cardigans, you will be surprised to see a range of beautiful cardigans at QOMA's Boutique. It comes in variety of colors and designs that suit to everyone's need.

Ahaa not only clothes, QOMA's Boutique sells accessories such as bags, supper dupper cute luggage, necklaces, bracelets, belt, purse, brooch and many other accessories. Unbelievable? Oh yea please believe it!!

Love to wear shawls but you don't have inner? Ohh don't be sad, QOMA's Boutique offers inner cotton with affordable price and plus it all come in variety of colors. Awesome!

Last but not least, the latest fashion from QOMA's Boutique, Maxi Dress and High Waist Skirt exclusively custom made by QOMA's Boutique. I'm sure, you'll be surprised to see all the designs. I just can't get my eyes to stare at those pretty dresses. Oh I wish I can have one of it! Insya'Allah (^_^)

Aha wait! Not only that! Wannna be a model like pretty ladies above? Wanna put beautiful make-up on your face? Wanna wear awesome clothes by QOMA's boutique? Yea you ladies can have it too. Yea that's rite! QOMA's boutique also offers ladies to be models for their photo shoot. Awesome right? Hahh what else can I say? Speechless (*_*) 

Okay that's all for now, I'm pretty sure all of you are now thrilled and excited to get one of those items rite? Yea so ladies out there, watcha watcha waitin for? Browse to the website and start your shopping now!

Till we meet again and Happy Shopping at QOMA's Boutique ^_^


Myza Sam said...

wah memang besh pun entri . mesti U menang punya :D

Teacher Koko said...

hye Myza dear,

hohhh belom tahu lagi myza, sekadar mencube...urs pon best jugak...Good Luck to u too...=)

ChocStrawberries said...

wau... entry nie best la.. xde chance la nk mnng cmni

Teacher Koko said...

hye ChocStrawberries:

don't say that...awk punye entry pon best...belum tntu saye mng pon dear..skadar mencube ^_^