Friday, 28 October 2011


I’m not here to write an essay as I’m not a good writer, I’m not here to write a poem as I’m not a good poet, I’m not here to create a comic strips as I’m not a good comic illustrator but I’m here as a blogger just to write a simple post about this glorious online store called Aisha Online Store. Thank u so much my dear Aisha for the invitation!

Good day people and Assalamualaikum. Okay I have a question here. Does anyone here love vintage bags? Anyone? Yeah I'm pretty sure u ladies love it so much! Good news to u because u can have it for FREE. Yeah I said for FREE! Ahaa unbelievable right? Aisha online store invites all Malaysian blogger to join their very first Giveaway. Check it out!

So do u feel fascinated with this offer? Well if u interested, u just need to follow some simple rules and regulation. Just like what Aisha said, simple as ABC. Okay so what u have to do first is, put some eggs into the bowl, then put some flour…..oh Goshh enough of the crap u Koko! Ahaa these are the rules and regulation that u have to follow:

Ahaa ladies, how do you feel now? Do u feel excited and thrilled with the prizes? As for me, of course I feel extremely excited because if luck and rizq is besides me, I can have that super awesome vintage bag. Well, it's still not too late for those who interested to join it because the Giveaway will valid until 31st October. So what are u waiting for! Join this contest and get this cool prizes. FYI, Aisha Online Store not only sells bags but also other stuffs such as:

Gorgeous Skirts, Tops, Shoes, Jackets, Maxi Dress, Cardigans and also Korean Fashions available here at Aisha Online Store. Ohh my eyes is drooling to see all the items! What I like the most is the AOS Shoes. Omagod, super duper cute shoes! All items are absolutely fashionable and affordable. 

You don't have to go to other stores because you can have all items under one roof! Super Duper Awesome right? So what are u ladies waiting for! Make yourself comfortable to choose any of the items that u like at Aisha Online Store. Happy Shopping and till we meet again!

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